Cancellation of North West Norfolk Week 2020

After careful consideration of all the options and possibilities open to us at the present time and what there is of the foreseeable future, we have reluctantly decided to cancel this year’s Week as the host clubs are all agreed that we cannot put on a safe event for everyone.
There are lots of things that contribute to this decision, and some may well turn out to be irrelevant by the time we get to August, but based on current information, we are agreed that this decision is for the best – it wouldn’t do any good to kill off our competitors.

In a nutshell, our major concerns were:

  • Safety boats - separation cannot be observed when you have to recover a person
  • Committee boats - observing separation would be impossible given the numbers of recorders needed
  • Volunteers - often from the more vulnerable age groups
  • Refreshments - would be difficult to provide safely & in a timely fashion
  • Changing facilities - where available, these would be much too small to provide adequate separation in the time frame
  • Lots of travelling - by competitors, officials and support staff
  • Accommodation - people with booked accommodation might be unable to claim a refund after June 15thApologies to all affected, and we hope to see you in 2021.


Ian Bradley

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